After a little break from writing, I’ve ploughed myself back into my project. I had to take a few weeks off work recently to address some pressing issues with my mental health. The coiled spring of anxiety and stress had resulted in me not being able to cope with my already stressful job role, teaching in an EBD school.

I’ve been positively inspired by my recent forays into birding and it has re-ignited my spark for musing my thoughts and feelings again. I have now removed the personal details from my survey and have had an overwhelming response on twitter – thanks to mainly the RSPB for the re-tweets.

One observation is that since the cloak of anonymity has been wafted around those willing to participate in my survey, I have had much more people complete it. I fear this is a sign of the ever-present stigma around mental health in society and whilst great for my own research, is perhaps indicative of the slow cultural shift towards openness to the oft-hidden issues of many.


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