I feel that presently it is a good time to give an update on what I’m doing with my Bird Therapy project.

I am still writing when I can but this can often prove difficult when balancing work, my progression as a teacher and the recent purchase of a first house. Over the past year I have essentially finished the bulk of my book content but due to my anxiety and OCD I’ve struggled to accept what I’ve written and invariably I’ve started over again. To date I have 3 chapters that I’m moderately content with and 1 of these has been shared and critiqued by several kind strangers who have helped to further shape my writing for the better.

At times I’ve felt like stopping writing and have become hugely obsessive about the Bird Therapy Twitter page not getting ‘enough’ traffic. These self-imposed expectations have been unrealistic and counter-intuitive, not to mention hugely anxiety inducing. I’m letting go of this a bit more at the minute as I recognise and understand the dangers of these kinds of obsessive behaviours.

I jumped the gun with my aspirations to start facilitating therapeutic birding sessions. I am passionate about this concept and will endeavour to start it one day but I have to be sensible and address the significant, current aspects of my life instead of always being disappointed by not achieving things instantly. I extend massive thanks to those that told me to continue and have a bit of focus and aspect on everything.

The most positive recent news is the endorsement of Bird Therapy by UK optics company Opticron. They have provided me with a beautiful scope and eyepiece which has already hugely transformed my birding. The enhanced clarity of image and zoom capability means I can immerse myself even more in the birds on the lake on my patch, this clarity reduces the frustration of ‘poor views’ and inaccurate counts of distant Gadwall. Already I sense this adding further ease to my mood when birding and adds to the mindful experiences when I am out amongst nature. Anyone interested in Opticron products click on the tab on the homepage.


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