I’m delighted to announce that none, that’s right, NONE of the UK’s large mental health organisations are willing to help me spread the word about my FREE Bird Therapy teaching pack. Add to that, the ever present issues I’ve had with environmental and conservation ‘peeps’ and organisations; so I’m hugely thankful to the 37 people that have requested and been sent copies of it.

Huge thanks also to Jonn Dunn, Amy Beer, Leif Bersweden, Alex White and Richard Smyth, for seeing above their egos and realising that this might actually be helpful, thus sharing it on their Twitter feeds. As time has moved on and I’ve re-evaluated my purposes and aims, I’ve become deeply saddened by the world of nature celebrity. The desire to be famous (that I’ve battled with and shared on here myself), the preening, the posturing, the self-absorption and the using of people in the interests of self-promotion; are all frankly quite terrifying if I’m honest. High thanks then that I’ve been able to step back myself, back to just being me again.

3 thoughts on “Sharing clearly is not caring

  1. Hi Joe, Sorry to read you’ve struggled with getting organisations to take on your teaching pack. I can relate on a smaller scale, I’ve been trying to get involved with my local mental health trust for a long time in terms of of service user involvement and have been utterly stone walled. It’s hard not to feel a sense of rejection. I’m currently trying to let it go and explore other ways to be involved.

    I wondered if you had tried Action for Conservation or the John Muir Trust?

    Ruth (outdoor prescription)

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