As I am, essentially, my own agent…

Bird Therapy has always been a tough slog and has missed out in many ways that a writer with an agent or a mainstream publisher perhaps wouldn't. Bird Therapy didn't really get outside of the worlds of nature and birdwatching when it was first published. I'd like it to get another chance as it comes … Continue reading As I am, essentially, my own agent…

Hardley, anything else but birds

It doesn’t matter how long we do not see each other for as the connection runs deep and stays strong. Much has changed since the last time: loss, ill health and issues at work, for a start; but we always seem to pick up exactly where we left off. As we drive, he says he … Continue reading Hardley, anything else but birds

The real disconnect

Whenever there's a lull in topical events in the nature world, it seems to me that the classic 'kids are disconnected from nature' line gets trotted out. I care deeply about this topic and as an education professional who has worked with young people for the best part of a decade, feel that I am … Continue reading The real disconnect

Norfolk Festival of Nature 2020

I'm really excited to be opening the Norfolk Festival of Nature on Saturday March 14th. The theme is nature and wellbeing and the launch will start with myself and Patrick Barkham in conversation (I did my book launch with him and really enjoyed it, despite being ridiculously anxious which he helped to ease) and will … Continue reading Norfolk Festival of Nature 2020