As I am, essentially, my own agent…

Bird Therapy has always been a tough slog and has missed out in many ways that a writer with an agent or a mainstream publisher perhaps wouldn't. Bird Therapy didn't really get outside of the worlds of nature and birdwatching when it was first published. I'd like it to get another chance as it comes … Continue reading As I am, essentially, my own agent…

The real disconnect

Whenever there's a lull in topical events in the nature world, it seems to me that the classic 'kids are disconnected from nature' line gets trotted out. I care deeply about this topic and as an education professional who has worked with young people for the best part of a decade, feel that I am … Continue reading The real disconnect

Get your boots on!

Since I came off Twitter, I've often mentioned on here that basically nobody from the conservation/nature/writing world has bothered to stay in touch with me. One person I've stayed in contact with is Alex White - well - actually, with his Mum. Just before Christmas, I asked if they would be willing to donate a … Continue reading Get your boots on!

Sharing clearly is not caring

I'm delighted to announce that none, that's right, NONE of the UK's large mental health organisations are willing to help me spread the word about my FREE Bird Therapy teaching pack. Add to that, the ever present issues I've had with environmental and conservation 'peeps' and organisations; so I'm hugely thankful to the 37 people … Continue reading Sharing clearly is not caring

My Bird Therapy teaching pack is now available – please share

Some time ago, I agreed to work with an external organisation to develop and produce a Bird Therapy teaching resource. I had been working on it for a while and was struggling to find the time and the level of polish I felt it deserved; both of which, the organisation was set to assist me … Continue reading My Bird Therapy teaching pack is now available – please share