The Book

Update 4/11/18 – The developmental edit and copy edits are completed, which means that the book is, essentially, finished. It also has a cover, which will be revealed soon. It’s stunning, is all I’ll say! 

Update 28/8/18 – The book funded pretty quickly, with three generous patrons helping it along the way – Bill Bailey, Adam Huttly and Deb Jordan. To date the book is 146% funded, with 673 backers. It will remain open for preorders until Unbound decide to close it. The manuscript has gone for a developmental edit and I await feedback. The book is due for publication in 2019, with a foreword from Chris Packham and sensational chapter illustrations from Jo Brown 


After many rejections and unsuccessful approaches to publishers and agents, I was contacted by Simon Spanton, an editor at crowdfunding publisher Unbound. After several months of discussions, I decided to work with them to try and raise the funds required to publish Bird Therapy, the book, with them. The campaign page can be viewed here; Unbound: Bird Therapy and all the pledge rewards can be viewed by clicking the ‘pledge’ button. You will also find some writing from the book on the ‘excerpt’ tab too and a snazzy promotional video at the top of the page.