Crowdfunding the Book

After many rejections and unsuccessful approaches to publishers and agents, I was contacted by Simon Spanton, an editor at crowdfunding publisher Unbound. After several months of discussions, I decided to work with them to try and raise the funds required to publish Bird Therapy, the book, with them. The campaign page can be viewed here; Unbound: Bird Therapy and all the pledge rewards can be viewed by clicking the ‘pledge’ button. You will also find some writing from the book on the ‘excerpt’ tab too.

It’s a powerful, vibrant and helpful book – containing not only a story, but the shared experiences of others. it features a strong and important message – that it’s ok to be open about mental health and how help can be found in the quirkiest of places. The book won’t exist without the support and generosity of other people, so please take the time to support it if you can.