11th July, 2018

Please have a read of Jonny Rankin’s new blog on his birding commute. It’s an enjoyable read about urban wildlife and his reflections on his journey into work. His kinetic approach to birding is also featured in my upcoming book too.

The birding commute

I finally got round to reading the summer 2018 edition of BTO news (Issue 327) on today’s commute. This is a publication that has improved massively, in my opinion, over recent years.

It has progressed away from solely informative and Journal-based to a thoroughly enjoyable and well presented read. It’s still steeped in fact and science just presented in a true ‘magazine’ format. Here are my two favourite snippets from this issue:

Did you know? … that Blackbirds live longer in cities, but have poorer health than rural birds? Their telemores, a part of the DNA which shortens with stress, are shorter, indicating higher stress and poorer health’.

The effects on mental health – Birds tend to be visible, vocal and active during the day. They are also found throughout towns and cities. Together, this means that birds are not only more likely to be present at…

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