I’m not sure how many people really read this blog or if any of my Twitter followers will end up seeing this, but I’ve become so obsessed with the Bird Therapy Twitter that I simply have to take a little break.

I felt it brewing as soon as we broke up for the summer holiday and I became increasingly more obsessed with posting for the sake of posting, checking, re-tweeting, fishing for likes and just generally being a narcissistic nightmare. I found myself seeking validation from various people and places and it was getting a bit unhealthy.

I just can’t accept that Bird a Therapy is a positive thing, I’ll always feel inadequate and delusions of grandeur, that I’ve always been saddled with, make it feel like the worst thing ever, when really it’s a self-inflicted first world problem.

I don’t have many, if any, people that I can discuss certain things with, like this social media nightmare and the way it makes me feel. I’ve place way too much emotional emphasis on my interactions on Twitter, to the point where they were replacing any external interactions in my life. Not good.

I’ll start with a week away and then see how I feel. It’s sad that it’s come to this, but while I continue to compare my social media ‘presence’ to others with more time, creativity and talent than me, I’ll always feel shit about myself.

If anyone wants to message me then use the contact page on her, leave a comment or email me at; birdtherapy@hotmail.co.uk


4 thoughts on “Twittering Away

  1. Hi Joe

    I think the holidays are always full of space we need to fill. I could listen to the birds outside my window and tune out social media. Or, conversely I can tune out the natural world and swipe, click or check my online world.

    I feel that these areas for you may be a future talk, book or letter to the editor. It is a valid and frequently occurring issue, we all need to learn to live with the digital world and find our boundaries. I think that maybe you need to give yourself a mental pass to skip Twitter town, it’s more than acceptable to step outside for a bit to enjoy the early morning’s coolness (all meanings).

    If you ever want to catch up, let me know but from my distant viewpoint you are doing ok, just need that hall pass.

    Off soon on one of my own little passions, restoring the school pond, hide and wildlife garden. Creating a space harmonious with nature using local people and resources.

    Have a good day.



  2. Hi Joe
    I always appreciate both your Twitter postings and this blog. I find interest and inspiration in them both. And some common themes. Self doubt and self criticism being just two of them!

    Above all, I like the fact that you are prepared to talk openly about the downsides of life. Social media insists that we all present a totally positive, upbeat, ‘full of interest’ face to the world at all times. Which of course is not how we really are.

    As for the ‘others’ that you feel are more creative and talented .I’d suggest that some people are just better at deluding themselves, pulling the wool over other people’s eyes; that they rarely if ever indulge in self reflection and they are scared to face and be open about how they really feel.

    I used to teach, and I know how valuable the summer break is so I’d say you are right to float off and do your own thing. All the rest will still be there as and when you decide to float back again.

    Take care. And enjoy the rest of your summer.


  3. I think social media is a very difficult thing to balance, Joe. I didn’t post anything on my blog in July, having decided that I would blog once a month this year, and although I have pledged to let it go, I still find myself thinking of the blog’s declining viewing figures and so on.
    I find the summer holidays a really bad time for my anxiety and depression. Sometimes social media helps and sometimes it doesn’t so you’re wise to do what feels right for you.


  4. Being 57 years old and a new twitterer (May this year) I am slightly overwhelmed by the amount of people that think the same as me. I’m not one for general socialising preferring my own company and that of the natural world and my family, dogs included. Now I can socialise with like minded people all over the world.To me it’s an escape from the dead end job and the people whom with I work who think I’m slightly mad.That said , a few years down the line I might feel different.You have to do what you think is right at any given time.Have a break and enjoy your new family,the most important things in life.


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