After many rejections and unsuccessful approaches to publishers and agents (65 to be precise), I was contacted by Simon Spanton, who was an editor at crowdfunding publisher Unbound. After several months of discussions and sheer terror at the notion of crowdfunding – I decided to work with them to raise the funds required to publish Bird Therapy, the book, with them.

The book funded pretty quickly, with three generous patrons helping it along the way – comedian Bill Bailey, businessman Adam Huttly and local nature legend, Deb Jordan. It features a foreword from Chris Packham and sensational chapter illustrations courtesy of Jo Brown. Obviously I’m biased, but the whole package, with its paper-cloth hardback cover, is beautiful.

It got a few positive reviews, mainly through people’s blogs as it was largely ignored by literary circles, larger publications and the newspapers. The MOS did review it but were a tad harsh. Anyway, here are some reviews I have collated:

It also went on a ‘blog tour’ which was really cool.

These are the reviews:

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  2. Donna’s Book Blog
  3. The Book Whisperer
  4. Rosie Writes
  5. Bella Jones
  6. The Divine Write
  7. Northern Reader
  8. Cheryl M-M’s Book Blog
  9. Books are my Cwtches
  10. Halfman Halfbook

Bird Therapy was published through Unbound and can be found in a number of bookshops and online retailers. It is also available as an audiobook and will be published in paperback format in April 2020.