Some uncomfortable truths

On Thursday night, I attended a talk at my local birdwatching group, by Nick Acheson. If you haven't heard of Nick before, he is an incredibly passionate conservationist, a brilliant speaker and since we did an event together at Cley, a friend of mine too. I wasn't actually going to go to the talk, as … Continue reading Some uncomfortable truths

Making some (climate) changes

Becoming a parent changes your perspective on most things and one that has been profound for me is the way I feel about the impacts of climate change. I'm not going to lie, up until a year or so ago, I hadn't read up enough about it to fully understand its significance and therefore, whilst … Continue reading Making some (climate) changes

On love, loss and learning

2019 was both a momentous and horrendous year for me. On paper, a lot was achieved; but paper can be screwed up and cast aside - paper can be burnt on the wood burner to be released from the chimney flue in plumes of blue-grey toxicity. Paper counts for nothing when the mood and mind … Continue reading On love, loss and learning

26 of 30

Today is the 26th of the 30 days that Twitter keep your account open once you deactivate; just in case you succumb to the addictive qualities of social media, I guess. It has been a really strange period of time for me, with an incredible range of emotions as acceptance has gradually kicked in. Similarly … Continue reading 26 of 30