A sentimental gift from a quiet and thoughtful man

This morning, my grandad gifted me his first childhood bird book, which his father bought him; British Birds by Kirkman and Jourdain, possibly a 1944 edition. For anyone that has read Bird Therapy, my Grandad is the person that sparked my interest in (and now passion for) birdwatching. For him to give to me, the … Continue reading A sentimental gift from a quiet and thoughtful man

Get your boots on!

Since I came off Twitter, I've often mentioned on here that basically nobody from the conservation/nature/writing world has bothered to stay in touch with me. One person I've stayed in contact with is Alex White - well - actually, with his Mum. Just before Christmas, I asked if they would be willing to donate a … Continue reading Get your boots on!

Norfolk Festival of Nature 2020

I'm really excited to be opening the Norfolk Festival of Nature on Saturday March 14th. The theme is nature and wellbeing and the launch will start with myself and Patrick Barkham in conversation (I did my book launch with him and really enjoyed it, despite being ridiculously anxious which he helped to ease) and will … Continue reading Norfolk Festival of Nature 2020

Byways, backwaters and bridges

Two minutes from the house, the landowner has scoured away all the hedgerows and Hawthorns in the southwest corner of the horse field. It is a real shame, as only last summer, the hawthorn had served as a song post for both Chiffchaff and Whitethroats' as well as acting as a wildlife corridor for roving … Continue reading Byways, backwaters and bridges

Some uncomfortable truths

On Thursday night, I attended a talk at my local birdwatching group, by Nick Acheson. If you haven't heard of Nick before, he is an incredibly passionate conservationist, a brilliant speaker and since we did an event together at Cley, a friend of mine too. I wasn't actually going to go to the talk, as … Continue reading Some uncomfortable truths