Guest Blogs and Articles

Below are the links to guest blogs and articles I have written, or have been written about Bird Therapy, with the most recent first;

August 2018 ~ Joe Harkness, Matt Williams talks to the man behind Bird Therapy ~ Download the issue here

21/5/18 ~ Bird Therapy – the book ~ Guest blog for Mark Avery ~ Read the guest blog here

22/5/18 ~ After my breakdown, birds helped me to heal ~ i news ~ Read the article here

12/5/18 ~ Wild Voices: the mental health benefits of birdwatching, Joe Harkness ~ WildVoices ~ Listen to the podcast here

May 2018 ~ A Bird Therapy Blog By Joe Harkness ~ Julia Bradbury’s Outdoor Guide ~ Read the blog here

21/4/18 ~ A groundbreaking new book is about to change the way we view mental health therapy ~ Interview with Steve Topple, The Canary ~ Read the interview here

October 2017 ~ Five-ways to well-birding ~ Birdwatch Magazine ~ Read the article here

12/9/17 ~ Bird Therapy Feature ~ Eastern Daily Press ~ Read the feature here

19/7/17 ~ Spread your passion far and wide – Guest blog for Mark Avery ~ Read the blog here

17/5/17 ~ All in the mind ~ Birdwatch Magazine ~

4/5/17 ~ Bird Therapy ~ Guest blog for the Wildlife Trusts ~ Read the guest blog here

2/2/17 ~ Mindful Birdwatching ~ People Need Nature ~ Read the guest blog here

1/2/17 ~ My Fair-Feathered Friends (or How Bird-Watching Helps My Mental Health)~ Men Tell Health ~ Read the guest blog here

19/4/16 ~ Bird Therapy – therapeutic benefits of birdwatching ~ RBA
Read the article here

28/2/15 ~ The Therapeutic Benefits of Birding ~ British Bird Lovers ~ Read this very early article here