The Complete Guide To Understanding Your Green Cheek Conure’s Personality

Who doesn’t want to have a sweet and active bird for a pet? Green Cheeks make good pets for those who are looking for that type of companion. 

They’re also fun to watch, often doing antics meant to entertain you, like hanging upside-down and looking at you upside down. You’ll never get bored with these little guys!

Here are some other reasons green cheek conures make great pets:

  • They don’t need much space.
  • They are fairly inexpensive.
  • They don’t have very loud, piercing calls. 
  • They form close bonds with their owners and are friendly around kids.
  • They can pick up tricks or simple words given proper training.

Though there’s no perfect bird for everyone, if you’re looking for an energetic pet that will also be fun to interact with and will keep you entertained, a green cheek conure may be the one for you.

Green Cheeks Are So Much Fun 

All these little guys are parrots with playful, affectionate, and smart personalities like the much bigger cousins, the macaws. They’re a lot of fun with their green cheeks, and they’re also very clever!

Best of all, they don’t have any of the personality problems that macaws do. Some will even be as clever as other mid-sized or medium-large parrots.

Green Cheeks are known to be quite intelligent and can even learn how to “talk” on occasion, as these talented birds have shown time and time again. With adorable personalities that more than makeup what they might lack in speech, Green Cheeks are sure to steal your heart!

Do Green Cheek Conures Bite?

All parrots bite to some degree, even if they are handfed and very tame. Some have more bitey personalities than others, but all of them will nip to some extent. 

The green cheek conure is less likely to be aggressive or bite than other parrots, so it might not be an issue at all.

In fact, green cheek conures are a wonderful pet for many different types of people. They may be a bit nippy with their beaks, but this is only an occasional thing and can easily be avoided.

How to avoid being bitten?

Read your green cheek conure’s body language and watching them closely to avoid getting bitten.

Give enough attention: a green cheek that is not given enough attention will try to get it in other ways. These can include biting and screaming or destructive behaviors like plucking, chewing up household items or pecking at people.

Understand your conure: to develop a happy and healthy conure, you must take some time to understand them. Your conure’s personality can change depending on how much attention it receives. Once established, these behaviors are difficult to change.

Green Cheeks: A Great Pet Choice For The Quiet Homeowners!

If you live in an apartment with limited space, then you’ll find that green cheeks have an advantage over other parrots. 

You don’t want your neighbor to knock on your door every day complaining about the noise, do you?

Green cheeks are known to be one of the quietest parrots around. They won’t annoy you or your neighbors with loud squawks and chatters. While they don’t make much noise, their cute chirps are more than enough to entertain your loved ones.

The green cheeks’ accommodating nature is sure to put a smile on your face – it’s just one of the many reasons this bird should be cozying up in your home!

Many people I know ended up giving up on having a pet bird idea because they think it would be a hassle to care for. That’s not the case with green cheeks. These parrots are low maintenance and need only a few minutes every day to keep them happy!

Bottom line:  If you’re looking for a parrot that can keep your company without the annoying noise, green cheeks should be your pick!

Green Cheeks: You Are All Cuddles!

Green cheek conures are more than just playful birds; they are all cuddles.

These affectionate birds will climb through your hair, find pockets to cuddle in and snuggle with you any chance they get. Most seem to enjoy cuddling whenever their owner is available thoroughly. They like to snuggle in your hands and under your hair anywhere they can get the closest to you.

The green cheek conures are the most popular species kept in captivity, given their beautiful coloration and generally affectionate temperament.

They thrive on the time they are able to spend socializing with their owners and enjoy activities like having their heads and necks rubbed. 

Some may even allow you to flip them over on their backs and rub their tummies! As with other conures, many have very cuddly personalities.

Green cheek conures are great for your kids, even if they’re not the most obedient. These birds patiently tolerate little hands and rough handling from anyone. 

However, these birds do have their own personalities. Some green cheeks may bite you if you don’t cuddle on their terms. Out of their natural protectiveness over a favorite human, they know that they need to be around them a lot to thrive.

Green Cheeked Conure: The Perfect Pet for a Pampered Lover!

Do you have a special someone that needs to be pampered? The Green-cheeked Conure is the perfect pet for that! These birds are flock animals and love to eat with their family. So, just scoot over and share those grapes!

Green cheeks are a bundle of joy and excitement wrapped in a small, colorful package. They love to play, see the world upside down, and swing in between things. They will even initiate their own games – their favorite is “I drop it, you get it.” Watch this little bird swing until he gets dizzy or lays down on his back and lets you come pet him. 

These antics are hilarious and part of what makes green cheek conures so great! 

No matter where you are in your bird ownership or experience, green cheek conures would be a great choice for a pet. They are playful, affectionate, and intelligent.

These cuddly birds will give you plenty of entertainment when you’re bored and love to snuggle up with their favorite people.


Green cheek conures are a bundle of joy and excitement wrapped in a small, colorful body. These birds love to play and have an outgoing personality that will make you laugh with their funny antics.

They thrive on the time they spend socializing with their owners, which is why green cheeks make an excellent pet for someone who needs pampering! 

If you’re looking for something different than macaws or cockatoos but still want affectionate companionship from your bird friend, then this article has covered all bases.

We hope it’s helped clarify some misconceptions about these amazing little guys – now go find one at your local pet store!

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  1. we have a green cheeked conure as a pet and he can sometimes be very bitey and screams when he wants attention. he also makes a soft crying sound when it is bedtime and he wants to go back n the cage.


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