Should Parakeets Better Be Kept In Pairs?

I asked myself the same questions 18 years ago before getting a second parakeet. The reason is simple: I didn’t want my first parakeet to be lonely or lack companionship, even though I spend most of my time with him.

Many people believe that parakeets should be kept in pairs and that being alone is a lonely experience. 

However, there’s been some debate about whether keeping them as pairs creates more harmony or struggles than what’s to be gained from having a friend to keep them company.

Whether you’re looking to keep two parakeets together or one, to keep the same-sex group or pairs, there are some things you need to know about how they live and what keeps them happy.

Is It Better For Parakeets To Live Alone Or In Pairs?

It depends on how much time you’re putting in. They don’t need a companion, and they may very well thrive with just you as a friend.

But if you can’t give them much time, then definitely get a pair because parakeets are social creatures.

Generally, parakeets in pairs are a better option because they can keep each other company when you’re away.

I would advise you to bond with one first before you get a second bird. I had my first parakeet for a year before I got my second one. That sounds like a really long time, but I would honestly wait 6 months for your bond to really cement.

I had a friend who got a second bird after 2-3 months, and they both pretty much ignored her. Not to say it’s not fun to watch them interact, but It just boils down to how much time you have and how much you value having a bond.

Why Should You Keep A Pair Of Parakeets?

Parakeets are sociable by nature and behavior, and they’re built to be a part of a flock.

Depriving them of a flock is, well, a little sad. Even though you plan to be with them every day, there will still be times when you won’t be able to come home or spend time with your pet.

Then again, a parakeet will always choose another bird over you, so that it might be disappointing (for you).

That’s why it’s important to look into keeping them in pairs or groups.

There are three main reasons why you should get a pair of parakeets:

#1: Two birds are better than one, especially when you’re not there all the time. Parakeets keep each other company and entertain themselves without becoming depressed with their own existence.

#2: Two birds are fun to watch. Of course, it’s more entertaining to have two instead of one.

#3: Bonding with two is easier than bonding with one. You can do this by placing them side-by-side or holding them together until they get along.

Before you buy two parakeets, make sure that the first one is already tamed or is tame.

So, if you’re going to keep a parakeet as a pet, make sure you invest in another one so they can enjoy each other’s company and have fun with each other while still keeping them out of trouble!

How Should You Set Up Your Cage For A Pair Of Parakeets?

This is a frequently asked question for anybody new to parakeets. People are curious about how to prepare the cage so that both birds will be satisfied. 

Parakeets are social birds that should be kept in pairs, yet how should they be housed? I’ll go through this below.


The first thing to think about is space. 

Ideally, you want a cage as big as possible: a minimum cage for a pair of parakeets would be 18″ x 18″ x 24″(Width/Length/Height).

Here are some recommended cage sizes:

  • The minimum size for 1 parakeet: 18″x18″x18″
  • Minimum size for 2 parakeets: 30″x18″x18″
  • Minimum size for 3 parakeets 32″x18″x20″

But of course, the bigger, the better as it will give you more room to decorate and fit toys, perches, and nestboxes. Some people have cages that are 4 feet wide, and they dedicate one side to each bird for each bird’s personal space.

If you happen to house two female parakeets together, they tend to be quite bossy or sometimes aggressive over things like toys or perches. 

A simple way is to have two cages and have them next to each other or get a cage with two compartments. They love to see each other and enjoy companionship with one another no matter how much “love hurts.

So, if you want to keep a pair of parakeets, you must provide them with a larger cage than keeping just one. They will be happier in a large environment, and if you make the cage just a little bigger than necessary, it will not look bad.


How many perches do you need?

It’s recommended that you have 4 long perches for sleeping and playing, but if you have a couple of toys or branches for them to play on, having just 2-3 may be fine. 

You can also use branches for perches – they don’t need to be perfectly smooth, but make sure they’re not extremely rough either. They can also use toys for perches (e.g., wood chews, swings), but again, make sure that the toy is not so rough that it will damage their feet and legs.

Toys / Nesting Material

Parakeets love toys, and a happy parakeet is a busy parakeet! For one parakeet, you’ll need at least a few toys. Ideally, you want there to be enough toys for each bird that neither of them ever has to wait for a turn. Be sure to provide toys that allow the birds to move around as well, like swings and chew toys.

You also will need to provide toys that the birds can use for climbing, such as wood chews and ladders.

Another toy idea: If you’re feeling crafty, you can also try making them a little nestbox! Parakeets love simple boxes with small holes in the front, but you can get creative and add a little something special to it too. A small nestbox is a great toy because it keeps the birds busy and gives them a place to sleep and rest.

Benefits Of Keeping Parakeets In Pairs

Parakeets are very social birds, so they will thrive when kept in pairs. Here are some of the benefits:

#1. Keeping Each Other Company

Parakeets are social animals and need companionship — they should always be kept in pairs. It is depressing for a parakeet to be alone, especially when you, the owner, are away.

So if you’re getting just one parakeet, please do your parakeet a favor; get him a partner. They’re most happy and energetic when in the presence of their cage-mates.

#2. They’ll Be More Energetic

Parakeets kept in pairs will be more active than those that are alone. They will keep each other entertained and busy. This ensures that both of them get the required amount of exercise. Parakeets playing together is also a sign of healthy bonding.

If you’ve ever watched two parakeets fly around a room, you can see just how much fun they are having together!

#3. For The Sake Of Their Emotional Well-being

Your parakeets will be less likely to suffer from separation anxiety and/or various psychological disorders like feather-plucking when kept in pairs.

Can Two Female Parakeets Be Kept In The Same Cage?

Parakeets are very much flock animals. So, is it okay if I put two female parakeets together in the same cage?

Well, not really. Let me explain.

In my experience, female parakeets are often meaner, bossy, and sometimes aggressive. Keeping them in the same cage would lead to a lot of fighting because females tend to bicker more than males. If you’re not home to supervise them all the time, it becomes a lot harder to maintain peace.

Although female parakeets do a lot more bickering than males, they’re all pushy little devils who take nothing from nobody.

Don’t worry. This won’t last long, and It also won’t escalate into an actual fight.

In time, the two will settle their differences and be friendly with each other. Although if you find one sick or injured, you’ll definitely want to cage it on its own.

So instead of housing two female parakeets together, a safer choice would be to have them in side-by-side cages.

Male Or Female Parakeet: Which Is Better?

Now you know the benefits of keeping parakeets in pairs. But, which sex is the best match for your little pet? Shall I get two males or two females?

Disclaimer: parakeet’s personality and behaviors vary from one individual to another, just like we do.

There is no such thing called the “perfect” match— you can’t guarantee the two birds you place together will always get along well. It doesn’t matter if they are the same-sex or opposite sex. 

Male and female parakeets have very different personalities.

But generally speaking, male parakeets are often gentler, docile, and more affectionate than females.

Female parakeets bicker a lot.

You will find; however, these female parakeets tend to be bossy and often enjoy fighting for dominance over the group. They will often fight with one another, sometimes causing injuries as a result.

But when you have two males living in the same cage, they’re much more likely to get along since they both don’t feel challenged with each other’s presence.

Some people think parakeets are always cuddly, but I’ll let you in on a little secret: females can be mean. Especially when they get older, biting is more common, and nipping is the new chirping.

The good news? Males are way less likely to nip than females. So if you’re looking for peace with your feathered friend,  I would always suggest going for two males instead of two females.

What’s The Best Way To Introduce Two Birds?

If you introduce a second parakeet to the cage, it means that the existing bird won’t be alone and will have someone to interact with.

However, the bird that has been in the cage will still need time to get to know its new housemate, so allow them to adjust to each other before putting them in the same cage.

It will take weeks, so it’s definitely not a quick job. 

Once you’re ready, these are the steps:

#Step 1: Quarantine for around 2-3weeks. The two parakeets will get no chance to see each other as they are kept in separate cages and rooms.

#Step 2: Put cages next to each other for 1-2 weeks

#Step 3: Put them together in a larger cage for 1 -2 weeks

I tried this and found it worked for me. I even tried once introducing three and put them in one at a time.

Always on the lookout: when things don’t work out, separate them instantly. This can be the original parakeet may not accept a friend.

Best Takeout Of This Article

Now you know that parakeets are flock animals, and they should be kept in pairs at least. They do so much better with the company and talk and interact with each other all day long.

Single parakeets, especially untamed ones, are nervous and likely to spend a lot of time sitting still.

You also now know that keeping parakeets in same-sex groups is best for everyone involved especially male parakeets.

Always give time for the parakeets to adjust to each other before introducing a new parakeet to the cage.

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